Competence Training

 promotes a concept that challenges the conventional “training” paradigm.

It creates personalised solutions which effectively identify the real individual or team weaknesses and meet organisational needs and goals. Akademeia was conceived to add true value to training budgets by actively building the individual’s key skills, knowledge and competences.

In parallel with this innovative approach to bespoke training solutions, Tuning Fork also offers a schedule of accredited and non-accredited public courses ranging from foundation to advanced knowledge in ISO Standards. The more popular standards include Quality Management (QMS), Environmental Management (EMS) and Occupational Health, Safety and Security (OHSAS), Automotive, Medical Devices, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical, as well as Energy Management and Auditing (REWS Approved), HACCP, BRC and Food Safety Management, and other statutory standards, as required by laws and norms regulating the various industries.

Tuning Fork is continually introducing new seminars aimed at business organisations, enterprise executives and top management, or those aspiring to broaden their professional competences in advanced soft skills and a strategic approach to success, in a series of inspirational topics delivered by leading experts in their field.

Tuning Fork designs public or in-house training programmes to cater for a wide variety of industries, businesses and professionals seeking to improve their skills and competences. Our objective is to understand the specific needs of organisations and individuals, and provide tailored solutions which closely match their requirements.

Through its partnership with SAI Global, Tuning Fork also regularly schedules courses in the most widely implemented ISO Standards. These professional courses are delivered by experienced, IRCA Approved tutors and expert practitioners in their particular field.

Tuning Fork is the approved training provider for REWS Energy Manager and Energy Auditor Courses in line with LN 196/2014, transposing the energy efficiency Directive 2009/27/EU.

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