Key employee retention is critical to the long-term health and success of your business. 

This is especially more so in the case of IT staff due to their knowledge of critical IT systems and the current high demand for such skills. Retaining your best IT skilled employees ensures customer satisfaction, satisfied co-workers, effective succession planning and deep organizational knowledge. Often however, many managers behave in ways that encourage key employees to quit their jobs. This course is aimed to help Managers understand what are the needs of IT skilled staff, what makes them loyal or interested in moving to the next opportunity. This course will discuss practical strategies for technology human resources and train managers on how to treat and conduct themselves around IT-skilled employees.

This  half day course is especially aimed at those companies who want to retain their IT staff and is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the needs of IT skilled employees and why they may need a dedicated HR strategy in return for improved loyalty. It will especially help HR Managers and direct IT staff managers who will get practical advice on what keeps IT employees happy and therefore more loyal. Our course tutor is an experienced technology manager of large IT teams who has been recruiting, managing and training IT resources internationally for 20 years.

This short course will help the participant understand in general the distinctive needs of IT people and what they expect from your company and management. You will be given practical tips to immediately make the workplace more attractive to IT-skilled people and plenty of insight for effective people management to ensure the workplace is a positive one. With the practical insight learnt during this course, managers should be able to apply employee friendly initiatives, that are innovative and just what the IT development staff expect. This will in turn create a happier work environment with the target result of having less employees keen to move away to a better opportunity.

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